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Transfer Pricing Advisory Services in India

Outsourcing is the process of delegating a company’s Non Strategic – Non Competitive business process to third parties or external agencies, leveraging benefits ranging from low cost labor, improved quality to product and service innovation. It is increasingly considered a crucial process for companies of all sizes to remain competitive in a rapidly changing business environment. N. Gamadia & Co. is providing Best Transfer Pricing Advisory Services in India.

Why India?

India possesses a large number of specialized domain experts in the accountancy. Tapping into this talent pool allows overseas companies to gain superior quality Quickbooks Kpo bookkeeping services at cost-effective prices and save their present cost substantially. India faces Virtual time difference with significant countries and so we can come with solution of query raised by client over nightly. N. Gamadia & Co. is one of the best CFO Services Company in India.

Services we provide / Solution for your Business / Role of NGC
  • Bookkeeping services - Bank reconciliation, Payments and Receipts & Journal Entry Posting
  • Accounts payable Management - Purchase order processing and Reconciliation with supplier
  • Accounts Receivable Management - Revenue reconciliation & Cash allocation as well ageing reports
  • Payroll processing services - Process payroll as per clients requirements, define statutory liabilities and various productivity reports
  • Cash flow management
  • Virtual CFO Services - Financial Planning, Financial Reporting, application of applicable financial reporting framework, various performance analysis for business.

Transaction Base Pricing Model

Pay as Per Use
  • Client billed as per resources allocated for his jobs and billable hours.
  • Highly scalable model for provision of services.
Block Pricing Model
  • Client required to block required number of hours by contract with agency for specified job.
  • Comparatively cheaper than pay as you go.

Dedicated Resource Model

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
  • Client provide with one dedicated resource for full time
  • The resource exactly work as client’s employee under client’s supervision

CFO Services Company in India

We have specialized departments that focus on various areas of Knowledge Processing as well We are in accounting, book-keeping, taxation, Payroll Services for CPA's in US, UK, Australia, South East and Middle East Countries.

Whether you are seeking process improvements, crave freedom from worrying about compliance, are aiming for cost savings or wish to avail the benefits of a flexible and knowledgeable workforce, you can rely on us.

N. Gamadia & Co. is providing Best Transfer Pricing Advisory Services in India and ranked as one of the best CFO Services Company in India.


Do What You Do The Best, Outsource The Rest - Peter Drucker

And Let us allow to do, What we Do the Best - NGC

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